Shy? Me? (ISC)

Shy? Me?
Well, sometimes.
I’ve worried what people might think of me, what they might say about me and my oddball actions.
Y’think I should be over stage nerves, critique, and class-discussion-enduced nerves, what with being a pianist, a writer, & in an English class where class participation is a huge chunk of the grade.
But hey, I’m human, right? Besides, some nerves are good. It means you care about your performance.
But audience reactions?
One kind of wants an audience, especially when one is so involved in the arts. They’re sort of important to a performance, or presentation. They’re not quite the heart and soul of it all, though. They’re more like the kidneys; one needs them, but can live without part of it.
Sure, nerves always come about.
But shyness?
What’s there to be shy about?
You only live once, y’know.
So say hi to that person; sing that song; dance that dance; shout “The sky is falling!” and not care what people think!
Just go, man, GO!
Paz, amor, y chocolate.
~g2 (lpi)

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