Wrapped around your finger(Manwhore series)

“Why would you say that? Is it because Im too good to be true?” He joked. “Would you like me to prove to you that Im still here…” Aydan lured me on.

“To me, you are to good to be true..and a little convincing wouldn’t hurt..” I tugged the bait..

His eyes lit up and I smiled and our lips touched again..It made want to get up everyday to see him, to put my life on hold to make time for be everything he needs..

It was way past midnight so I broke the kiss off in reluctance and said,”Hey Aydan, It’s really late, we should head home..”

“Ya, I guess I should..text?”He was so sweet…

“Haha..Aydan..we won’t be able to go to school tomorrow..”

“Sometimes ditching is healthy..” He continued on..

Those words rang in my head..didn’t I once ditch class to avoid Shane?..

“I already ditched once..maybe someother time..” I smiled at him and gave him a puppy dog face..

“ win..” Aydan said in defeat.

That night..I had the guiltest dream of my life..and perhaps I liked it..

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