The *Other* Neighbor

Leslie quickly ran over to her other neighbor’s house.
“Oh, hi Leslie! What a surprise! Come on in.” Leslie’s friendly neighbor answered.
“Hi Ms. Lewis. Ummm…do you mind if I stay here for a little bit? Just until my mom gets home…” Leslie cautiously asked. “No problem! Make yourself at home!” Leslie sat down in one of the chairs by the table to get her homework done.
“Ummm…Ms. Lewis?” “Yes, honey?” “Well, I came over here also just because my mom didn’t answer her cell phone and she didn’t leave a note. She always leaves a note!” There was a long silence. “And then, I went over to Mrs. Harper’s house and she was acting very suspicious! You don’t think…” “Oh my goodness, of course not! Nothing happened to your mother! I am sure she is fine! Mrs. Harper is a very nice lady…you have nothing to worry about.” That made Leslie feel a little bit better. “And if there is anything to worry about, you’ll be safe here.” Ms. Lewis was always Leslie’s favorite and most reassuring neighbor.

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