I quickly wiped the tears away…or more over..smeared them, but any way I turned around..It was Julian..

“Um..ya..Im fine.” I managed to get out.

“Hey..don’t worry, they’re all really shallow..Don’t let them get to you…Okay then..You wanna hang out after school?” He said suddenly.

“What?” My tears stopped and he smiled.

“I asked if you wanted to hang out after class..” He took a step closer to me.

“Ya, sure..where?” I was still in shock…Julian..the beautiful boy ahead of me..just spoke words I couldn’t hear

”….ya….we….....there…...and so we could either go to the movies or that.Which one?” He asked.

I was so dazed out I only heard the movies.”Um.the movies sound great..” I happily said.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at 7 today , how’s that?” Julian grinned.

“Um, ya, I’ll see you there” I smiled..and I felt happy..

What I didn’t know is that Claire was watching the whole thing smiling.

She just walked up to me and said..

“Date? You’re going to need some help…”

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