The Others: Part One

I will always remember that day. It was the most terrifying day of my life.

It started as just a regular morning. You know, starting getting active, searching for food. I swam around to find algae and fish smaller than myself to eat. Pickings had been getting a bit slim lately, so I decided to head to the shore. Several of my neighbors swarmed me, their scaly bodies rubbing against mine. Ahhhh, getting rid of scum never felt so good. A rub always gets me up in the morning. I continued on my way, ignoring their pleading looks as I swam past. They weren’t getting any help from me. It’s a fish eat fish world out there, especially when it comes to minnows. Oooh, minnows. They sound pretty good right about now. I swam towards the shore, cursing my clumsiness. Man, I needed to get on a diet. Right after I got those minnows. Suddenly, something that looked like a minnow dropped right in front of me.

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