The Others: Part Two

Had I been thinking more clearly, I would have realized that minnows usually aren’t made of rubber and never drop staright down. But, as I wasn’t thinking more clearly, I chowed down on the morsel. It was then I felt the excruciating pain of The Hook. “I should have remembered the stories!â€? I silently screamed as I was lifted up noiselessly, painfully, out of the water.

GAAAAAH ! The pain! It felt as if the roof of my mouth had been punctured by one mad bull elephant. And… what was this? I couldn’t breathe! A burning sensation filled my gills as I fought to breathe. It was then I saw The Others. They were every bit as hideous as legend had described them. I could see their incisors the color of ivory, and their smooth, dry skin. They had ugly protrusions from their sides, and no gills at all. And they were huge! They were 100xs bigger than the biggest bass! I know that its hard to believe but it’s true. And I was helpless before them

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