House Fire 1

The smoke was thick and black as we entered the second floor. The house had been aflame for no more than ten minutes when we arrived, but it was nearly gutted. A bystander claimed there were three little children in the house. Kevin and I chose to search the second floor.

Our flashlights barely made a dent in the smoke, and we felt our way down the hallway. Our voices were somewhat muffled, through our breathing apparatus, as we yelled out for the children.

Kevin nudged me and pointed to a doorway. I nodded and he pushed open the door and went inside. I could see flames climbing up the backside of the house. I reached a second closed door. It was locked!

I swung my axe against the door knob tearing it off. I kicked the door open. Three children were huddled together against the wall behind the bed. Oh, my God! they were tied to each other.

I broke out a window and yelled for the ladder truck.
With Kevin’s assist we guided the kids down the ladder.

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