Climbing Ladders

I am higher then I like to be without a harness, or any protection at all. The unstable ladder isn’t making this any better. With every step, it swings left and right. Gripping tightly, I press on. From the ground this doesn’t look high at all. Its amazing how our perception can change so quickly.

Looking down, all I can see is visions of my broken body on the ground. If I fall left, I’ll hit the railing, and finish on the sidewalk. Right, I’ll land on the neighbours porch.

I imagine how I could fall, and try to survive. I could swing my legs out, to try and land on my feet, try to roll; duck, and cover my head. What would happen if I didn’t roll? Would my legs buckle? Mirror’s Edge has given me too many ideas.

If the ladder slipped out from under me, I would go straight down. Looking, I see the remnants of a metal poll that would impale me. I remember the Virgin Suicides, and think that would be an unpleasant way to die. Would I be able to turn, so I don’t have to watch it happen?

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