Dreaming Now

Stars glimmering dimly, through broken trees
entice me silently into a world of dreaming
Whispers of reality slowly fade behind
an encompassing shadow of surreality
Your voice echoes through the walls
imagination’s path well worn, familiar
as time flashes light, your name is all I hear
In love’s garden, serenity reigning beauty
Metaphorically speaking, is all I know
Tommorow is just a day, and dreaming is my now
Here, from balconies soar, wingless creativity
Fantasy’s beloved sky of broken star beams
Distractions inspire those who unnoticed sparkle
brilliantly cloaked in colors of stunning beauty,
Winged myths that the blind deem seemingly ordinary.
In forests of night where dreams take running
inner voices that inside are screaming truth
Whispers of reality, slivers of each passing day
relay your call, that my soul responds instinctively
The sun rises slowly, night relinquishing its wings
to search for that call, where that voice once sings

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