The Shadow

I miss you. I was there beside you every time the sun came up and every time a light was turned on. You never spoke to me but I heard every word you said. I admired you because you were a completed version of me. I kept your outline but I did not posses the distinct features that made you so wonderful. I loved you. Every day I wished that I could be just like you, made of flesh and blood and brightening the world with your presence. But I knew there was something wrong. When it was dark and I disappeared I could still hear the sound of your tears falling to the ground from my quiet place of nonexistence. I begged you to hold on but you couldn’t hear me. You were my best friend. You were my world. I had followed you for so long and I believed that you were strong enough. I wanted to scream until you heard me telling you that you would be alright. But i couldn’t. And you couldn’t hold on. So now you are lost and I am the dark reflection of a tree. It is beautiful but nothing is as beautiful as you were.

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