“Mhmm.” I blushed, turning away.

Why was I so nervous around this guy? I hardly knew him; the only thing that I did know about him was that he was kind of cute.

Usually, it took me a while to like somebody, really like somebody, not just a couple of minutes… but on my first day? It was so odd. I didn’t like him, and I wouldn’t like him.

End of that.

Going back to my drawing, I saw Parker doing the same.

I averted my eyes back to my paper, catching a glance of Parker’s work on the way.

Though he didn’t have much done, I noticed something that I’d seen before. Leaning in closer, I ignored Parker’s questioning gaze.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” He stopped shading, staring at me.

“It’s… he…” I looked up at his eyes, and he looked back, still concerned. “Nothing… it’s just really good.”

“Thanks.” He went back to the drawing, laughing a little.

The picture, even in the first stages of the sketch, was already recognizeable to me. It was the man from my nightmares.

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