Unexpected Thanksgiving Part 1 (Thanksgiving challenge)

At long last it was Thanksgiving. Finally the day to sit around and stuff so much food down your throat you think you’re going to explode. Eat food, eat some more food, even more food, and then football. Thanksgiving had to be one of the greatest days of the year. Little did Addy know it wouldn’t go quite as expected.

Addy walked into her aunt’s house and said hi to all of the random old people that had gathered to tell her how big she had gotten and how they used to change her diaper and how they all remember when she was little, a classic Thanksgiving tradition. One Addy wasn’t to fond of. She just wanted to get to the food. All week she had fasted in preparation for this one meal.

Finally they were all gathered around the long table, her uncle saying grace. “Blah blah thanks blah blah god blah blah turkey blah blah” was all she heard as she stared longingly at the feast before her. It was all she heard until the crash.

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