The Signs

“What is-”

I put my finger to my lips. He would ruin everything. I want to bring him in, show him my world, and then poof he has to talk. I tapped my head.

I flitted over the hill, and looked back. He was standing stock-still. I motioned with my hand. He just smiled. He shook his head. Look. His voice resounded in my head. He pointed. I turned my head, searching…

Oh. Yes. That’s nothing of importance. He had seen the sign? Well then, he’ll just have to get past it. He had to come. I didn’t have any last resorts. I sighed deeply. He heard.

Oh, no, I think it’s something. His thoughts cut deep into me, and he started to walk towards the indent in the bark of the tree. How dare he.

I flew right in front of his face, shaking my head in a firm no. I grabbed his arm, but found my arms melted right through him. He didn’t notice. He kept walking past me. I hurried to catch up with him.

All I could hope for was that he didn’t know the signs…

“What the-”

Oh, no.

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