The Lord of the Damned

“Awe shit!” Called Guido from the hall, snapping Laura from her rant with satan. She turned around to see Guido’s silver revolver fire 3 shots at an unknown target. Laura turned to help him as she brandished her identical weapon, but the door slammed shut in front of her, sending splinters from the edges.
“He’ll be fine,” chuckled a voice that shook the room.

“Real comforting coming from the lord of the damned.”

At that, the white sheet covering Jerry’s body melted to ash, and the lifeless man stood up in front of laura and began clawing at its own chest, sending Jerry’s screams from his throat.

“You like that Jay-Jay?” Growled satans voice from the same screaming mouth. Laura Grabbed the thin white arms and threw Jerry’s body against the wall.

“Release this man!” She screamed, slamming the body against the wall each time she repeated her self. The cheap floral wallpaper curled away from jerrys body as a thick black smoke poured from his ears and nose.

“GET OFF BITCH !” Screamed satan.

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