One Hell of a Walk Part 2 [Missing Ficleteer Challenge]

“I must finish this walk. It is vital to my mission,” the dog said in response to her silence. “Buh.. buh.. but you’re a dog. How can you talk?” she couldn’t believe her ears.
“That is of no importance now. I MUST finish this walk,” he said, pulling on the leash. “No! I gotta call someone. Maybe the feds will know what to do,” she replied, pulling out her cell phone.
“That is totally unacceptable. Please put the communication device away.”
“No. I gotta ca-”
“Put the device away!” he ordered, “or you will force my paw.”
“Oh yeah? What are you going to do,” she said as she continued dailing.
“This,” he said as he pointed his head towards the sky.
“And what, exactly, is that?”
“I’m emmiting a high frequency signal to my ship. You know a sort of dog whisle.”
“And what’s that supposed to do?”
“You’ll see.”
“Rig-” she said as a cone of light engulfed her from above.
The dog continued on his walk… alone.

And so ends the story of the writer known as Batak Beatrix.

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