Time Warp 2

During the drive to the school, as the girls chatted like magpies, and the radio played music from the 50’s, I relished the chance to examine my surroundings. There were no cars newer than 1955 models. Some of these cars would be worth a small fortune by 2008.

The high school building was the same now as it was in 2008, but there were several tree saplings, that in 2008 were either gone or ancient. How could I be here? What happened that sent me back to 1955. My buddy, my girl friend and his girl friend were the same then as now. How could this be? Did they know they were from the future?

“Demi,” I asked. “What year were you born?”
“Silly, same as you, in 1937.”
“Ok, if you didn’t know what year this was, what year do you wish it would be.?”
Demi wrinkled up her nose. “What a stupid question. Marilyn, did you hear his dumb question?”
Marilyn stared at me over the front seat back. “I would wish it was 1920, then I could be flipper, and dance all night.”
I said, “I think they were called Flappers.”

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