Fight Fire With Fire

Imprisoned by consecrated earth shoveled with her own hands decades ago, only her will could set him free.

“Help me, help me, I implore. I need you. Come and save me from this gore. What once was gone can now be found, please, oh please, I need you rise from this ground.â€?

Beneath the rumbling, she feld his eyes open and strength (even if temporary) surge through his body.

Clawing, grasping, pulling his way up to her, drawn by her urgency…

The earth shuddered. She rolled to the other side of the stone and never stopped whispering the words that guided her will.

Even before reaching the surface he saw her attackers through her eyes, felt fear hiding in her heart, smelled her blood, tasted her soul…

He rose from the earth in one fluid motion, dirt darkened his blonde hair, masked his pale skin from face to fingertips…roots ripped at his clothes.

He roared, unable to contain the raw emotion of the past and the rage that anyone would dare threaten what was his.

He lashed out…

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