My Personal Therapist Is My Best Friend.

I didn’t notice when the sun set. I didn’t pay any mind to how cold it became. I didn’t care how violently I shivered.
I just didn’t care anymore.
John didn’t say anything for a long time. But when he saw my violent shudders, he brought me back into the present. “Lace? You want to go home?”
I merely nodded. To weak to make sentences.
He helped me to the car, worry consuming his features. I hated how I had suddenly become mute, but what could I do?
I remembered the notes in my pocket.
Liz, my personal little therapist.
Liz, My best friend.
She’d know what to do.
I waited til John got to my house. The car idled, yet I made no move to get out.
“See you tomorrow, Lace.” He kissed my cheek again.
“Bye,” I whispered. I then bolted from the car, racing inside.
My phone was gripped in my fist.
Time to fix this.
I dialed Liz’s number. It rang once, twice, three…four.
She picked up on the fifth ring.
“Where have you been!” She screamed.
“Sorry ma’am. But I need you right now. Help me?”

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