Just Stay

I’m riding a bike;
I’m learning to fly;
I’m thinking to fast
That it’s too soon to die
And my pulse is soaring and
The room is spinning
And I know that flowers are blooming
Because as my father tosses in his grave
He pushes up daisies and tulips and roses
That I am here with you.
Seeing the silver shine of his tombstone in the moonlight
Reminds me of how he didn’t have an epitaph;
How the blank cold stone
Is symbolic of
What my future was
Before I met you.
Or maybe what it is
Now that I’ve met you
But if this is love
Then I love you
And if this is music
Then let’s sing the harmony
And if this is life
Then I only want to live it
If I can be right here
With you.
Don’t leave me
Don’t use me
Don’t tease me
Just be.
I don’t know how you feel but if you’ll just stay
I’m okay
And we’re swaying to the softly pounding
Gentle rushing
Sweetly pulsing
Blood in our veins
That circles our hearts
And brings us closer.
Just lust?
I don’t know
But we are young
And we are free.

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