Time Warp 3

Denny pulled into the parking lot. It was nearly filled with cars, all vintage. I said, “Looks like everyone drove their own cars; no limo’s.”
Denny said, “Wha?... are you zoned?” These are all their dad’s cars, and who the hell could afford a limo.”

Demi pinched my arm.
“Ouch! What was that for?”
“Why did you call me hot back at the house? Do you think I’m easy?”
“No. I… ah. Denny, tell her what I meant?”
Denny looked her over. “What he meant, Demi, was that you are looking Bad.”
Relief flooded me. “That’s all I meant, baby.” She kissed me on the cheek. “That’s better.”

The gym was crowded with young bodies, all milling around, as the Bobby Parker Band tuned up. The band, all guys with flattop hairdos, wore white tuxes. Both the bandstand and the ceiling were decorated with white and blue crepe paper; the school colors.

We wended our way to the refreshment table, and armed ourselves with cups of punch. The band started playing Dancing In The Dark. Marilyn took Denny’s hand.

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