How Things Should Be

It was Monday morning again. But things were different. As Chloe approached Alex at his locker and traced a heart on his back with her finger, she was truly happy. Everything had fallen into place.

For instance, Jay was gone. She no longer had to worry about seeing monsters out of the corner of her eye as she walked down the hall and took comfort in the idea of awful people like Him being stuffed behind bars.

Alex turned around and slid his arm around her waist, requesting an early morning study session before homeroom. Fellow students smile or rolled their eyes when Alex and Chloe walked past. Somehow, everyone always assumed that a boy and a girl could never be friends without being more.

Perhaps it had always been inevitable. Chloe sat down and Alex lingered next to her, looking over her shoulder just to whiff the sweet scent of her hair. At that moment, they were young and in love and the world didn’t seem like such an awful place. At last, they had truly found each other.

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