Curiosity Killed The Cat (Residing Dreams ch.2)

The whole house was quiet, but at the same time I couldn’t stop the eerie noises from invading my imagination and running away, leaving behind only a messed up jumble of curiosity and fear.Curiosity killed the cat. Yes well…. That’s what they call me…the cat.

I shifted in the bed, suddenly feeling uncomfortable and exposed in such a large, empty, unfeeling room. I felt as if the door would suddenly fly open, exposing me to all the dangers that lay outside. And inside… Suddenly the walls around me meant nothing and I was completely vulnerable. The twinkling stars above seemed to be winking at me; Laughing even. Teasing: “See? He was right after all. You are paranoid.”

Perturbed, I quickly slid from under the covers and sneaked through the empty corridors of the mansion to the front door. Slowly I reached for the door handle… a shuffle from the shadows. Instead of pulling away, I opened the door with even more speed and confidence. Then I stepped over the threshold and slammed the door behind me.

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