Such a Depressing Ending

50 survivors.

Out of a school with around 2,000 students, only 50 survived, including myself and Seth.

The good news is how Cody is gone…forever.

The bad news….all the upset families that lost a brother, or husband, or mother, etc. I walk around our town and the sadness pours out of them in a waterfall. And then I breathe a sigh of relief for no longer having to listen to their thoughts as well; their faces said enough.

So now what do we do with the 50 survivors and the pile of haunted rubble that used to be our school? They still aren’t quite sure. Perhaps sending us to another school? But there is no way any of us are ready for school yet. Some of our best friends are now dead.

The mayor here gave us awards about courage and crap, with the belief that it would make us feel better. But you know, there was no way those would help get our friends back.

No absolute way.

...So what happens now?

The End

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