Lil' Krully Makes A Decision

As Lil’ Krully stopped as he was running down the corridor.
Welcome to the Posse, kid. Lone Writer’s words were echoing in his head and he realized that his friends were counting on him. Lone Writer was counting on him.
Punkin was still running and realized that Lil’ Krully was no longer following.

“Come on, twerp!” She cried. “Before they catch us!”

Lil’ Krully was struck with indecision. What he was thinking about doing went completely against his nature.
He turned back hesitantly.
“You idiot!” Punkin yelled. “What are you doing?!”
Lil’ Krully knew then.

I have to earn my boots.

He took off back down the corridor to help his real friends. He heard Punkin screaming after him to come back and he almost did. He was scared of how they would react, but he had to see this through.

The Posse trusts me, I can’t let them down!

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