Another Book?!

I spotted it then and flinched back automatically in horror.
“What is it?” Anna demanded with concerned.
“Th-that Book.” I said shakily.
The color drained from Anna’s face and she followed my gaze. “No…”
Angela and Dailey moved towards it and read the cover. It was in a langauge I didn’t know.
“This isn’t the same book.” Angela assured us. “But it is magical.”
I didn’t know whether to be relieved or more worried than before. “What is it?”
Dailey studied it and his eyes widened. “This is The Book of the Goddess!” He cried.
“The King was alarmed. “You can’t possibly be serious! This is just a portal tower and the Book of the Goddess was lost years ago!”
“Can someone please explain all this to me?” Anna asked weakly.
“Sorry. We’ll tell you everything but we have to go through the portal first.” Angela told her sympathetically.
Dailey pulled on a candlestick stuck to a wall and suddenly a portal crackled to life before us. He gave the lever a spin kick and broke it off.
“We can’t be followed.”

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