He's Got The Goods

YOU !” G2 yelled starting towards Lil’ Krully with murder in her eyes. “How dare you come back here!?”
“G2 wait.” Lone Writer said trying to raise herself from the ground.
“Wait for what?” G2 demanded. “This little traitor abandoned us!” She shook her finger at the cowering Lil’ Krully.
“She’s right.” Fantasy hesitated.
“One.” Lone Writer said through gritted teeth finally managing to stand. “I have just as much reason to be angry at him as you do. Two. I’m mad because I’ve been shot repeatedly and thrown around by that thing!”She gestured to Mighty Joe who was lying in a heap a couple feet away.
G2 and Fantasy opened there mouths to speak but Lone Writer held up a hand to stop them.

“Three. I can’t even begin to believe that you actually just shook your finger at someone! In real life!”
G2 looked sheepish.”Let’s concentrate on the matter at hand.” She deflected.
“Alright then.”Lone Writer turned to Lil’ Krully expectantly.

“I have the Pen.” He whispered.

LW smiled at him. “Way To Go.”

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