Um, are they supposed to do that?

“Hello, Dr. Devlin? Yes, um, this is Shawnee – you delivered my twins, TaiWade and ShaiWade.”

“Well, um, you see they’ve been acting kind of strange lately- I mean, I’m not that familiar with babies and these are my first. But, well… they growl and bite. I mean, not just ‘grrr’, but deep pit of your stomach growl and the bites cut bone… our poor little cat.”
“By the way, should they even have teeth this early?”

" I'm having trouble getting them to listen.
And they throw things.
Their cribs are still in the neighbors lawn..."

“Also, I’m starting to guess their red eyes are not a normal stage of baby development, either”.

“Well, um Dr. Devlin could you call me back as soon as you get this message. I’m running out of raw meat and my little girl looks awful hungry.”
“Ever since their little wings budded they are so hard to catch these days.”

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