She's Gonna Get It!


A freaking ambulance?!

Kelsie had it coming.

The rabbit would probably help me beat her up. Her face was going to have one nasty scar later. I felt sorry for her.

A stretcher… great, just for me?

I was only out for half an hour at most; not so bad. They lifted me up on the stretcher, with me screaming and trying to get off the whole time.

They probably thought I was crying out in pain.

I was in pain; I mean, my headache was horrible, but come on!

I think you’ve pretty much figured out by now that I hate hospitals.

They rolled me down the hallway, everyone staring at me, lined up along the walls to the door, watching me.

What, no embarassing neck braces or anything? This was so ridiculous.

“Just let me go!” I screamed for the fiftieth time.

“Stop trying to be tough, we have to make sure you didn’t get hurt.”

I threw my head back against the pillow there, and muttered a couple of f-bombs when a burst of pain shot through my skull.

Kelsie had it coming.

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