If I Only Knew

They all stared when I walked in and I wondered what the snickers were about. But you walked in and I couldn’t help but feel a smile grow from ear to ear. Your hair lightened in the summer sun and I could tell you ent swimming. I watched your restless left foot shake for an hour and wondered if you even knew I was in the room. I know you knew she was there and she must have felt you walking in the way she has since she was 5 and decided that she would spend the rest of her life with you. Her long black hair curled up into her perfect ponytail and her double D’s dared my mind to even compare us. But you said I was better and that your green eyes and my brown would never part. You promised that there was no room in your golden heart for her soft fingers and charming voice.

But today I walked in and they all stared and when I realized why I just wanted to hit you and yell at you and cry.

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