Clover High: Temple of Irony

The four of us continued toward one of the tunnels. The water dripped from the cave ceiling just like in a corny action movie.”I almost expect a giant rock to fall out of the sky and start rolling behind us.” I laughed nervously.
Snap rolled his eyes.Well, I think he rolled his eyes. I honestly have no idea because he was still wearing those sunglasses.
“Snap?”I hesitated.
“Are you sure you can see through those things?”
He frowned.”Yeah, I-”
Just before he finished his answer a rumbling started in the cave I whirled around and didn’t see anything. “What-?”
Suddenly I was on the ground and the sound had stopped.
“Are you O.K.?!” Snap sounded kind of panicked.
Then I realized he was on top of me. “I-I think so.” I stuttered.”What happened?”
“I think you triggered a booby trap,”Snap rolled off me and pulled me to my feet.”A giant rock just fell out of the sky.”
I stared at the giant rock that had fallen and now blocked the tunnel we had just entered.We couldn’t go back.
Oh, the irony.

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