A Meeting in Whyttam (Cont.)

Her heart raced and her legs felt numb as she tried to fathom Mr. Everdene’s reason for organising such a meeting. Was it to be a lovers’ tryst? Or did he have something more sinister in mind?

These were questions which had to remain unanswered for Theodosia as her father’s voice came booming through the hedgerow.

With a cursory glance toward the trees where Mr. Everdene had vanished, she picked up her dress and ambled up the dusty path towards the Old Lodge. The brave sun continued to beat down relentlessly on Whyttam.

As she weaved her way through the dandelions and tulips, she paused, noticing the small, ruffled piece of paper which had been nailed to the door. With great intrigue, she read it.

“My dear Theodosia,

I desperately wanted to surprise you, but it seems you are not home.

I thought this day would never come. I have been discharged with immediate effect. I have returned to Whyttam and I am all yours, my darling.



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