The Incredible Ash

“Shhh.” Jerry soothed. “Its okay. Its okay. Put it through the wash once and it’ll be good as new.”
Ash continued to cry. “What is wrong with her? Why is she so mean to everyone?”
“I don’t know, Ash.” He replied. “Come on, I’ll take you home.”
Ash stopped crying and looked up at him. “Oh my God.”
“What?” Jerry asked nervously, worried that something else was the matter.
“I just burst into tears. In public.” Ash looked mortified.
Jerry looked down at her and laughed. He couldn’t help himself.
“What’s so funny?” Ash demanded.
“You!” Jerry hugged her. “You just got grape juice all over you, dumped coffee all over an evil cheerleader and convinced me not to buy the most awesome pair of pants I’ve ever seen! And you’re worried that you’re crying in public!”
“Oh, well…”
Jerry took Ash back to the car and drove her home. They were both smiling now. Well, until Ash remembered their previous conversation about the school dance.

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