Change is Tough

Next weekend couldn’t come fast enough.

I waited anxiously until I would see Sam again; with his slightly tanned body that was trim yet so muscular…

I tried not to think about it too much.
Other people might start to wonder what I was up to.
I knew Mom would.

So for the rest of the week, I tried to focus on my schoolwork, and on what I was going to tell Mom.

I sat in the family room on Thursday evening, watching my little sister Meggie do a puzzle, and my 9 year old twin brothers watch TV.

Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner.
Her boyfriend, Brett kissed her on the forehead and entered the family room with the paper.

Arg. Ever since he and mom started going out, things hadn’t been the same in the house.
No one could replace my dad.

Meggie loved him, but I was smart enough to be skeptical. After all, she didn’t remember Dad like I did.

I sighed, feeling even more lost in life.

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