The Watchguard- part 2

I watched as the girl gathered together foods of all sorts, and a lot at that. But why?

Well there was obvious more than just her. Why else would she get that much food? She ran towards the cash register then and opened it using a hair pin. I twitched, knowing darn well that if she was caught I was gonna get fired, but I was strangely fascinated. Her grey eyes flitted about with such worry, which made sense; she was scared. Her short choppy black hair framed her petitie face.

When she had stuffed a good amount of money in the bag she hefted the bags over her shoulders and began walking out of the store.

I sprung into action then. I ran up behind the girl and laid my hand on her shoulder. She whipped her head around and stated, “Get your hand off of me.” She saw my security uniform and her eyes widened.

“Relax,” I saw a small knife in her one hand, making me gulp with fright, “I just want to know…well…why did you do it?”

Her eyes narrowed, “It would take to long to explain.” And she was off

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