Venting: The Student

The student: If you would keep reading, you might acutally learn something.

You might learn that:

1. ‘Getting over it’ means more than you think.

2. ‘Getting over it’ means nothing at all.

3. Lying to yourself is not healthy.

4. Violence is not the answer. (I think you should apologize to that pencil of yours.)

Alright, today’s lesson is over. Now let’s go over the homework, a personal narrative.

When I left, I knew it was for good. There was no going back to that almost perfect life we had. She wanted me out, and honestly, I did too. I felt I deserved more. I felt I could do so much better if someone would give me a chance. I wanted to forget what I was leaving behind, but that face, that voice, was all I could think about. For years, I suffered. All it took was a single spark to light the fire that burnt down our entire foundation. Too bad…

Any volunteers to read theirs? Show of hands please.
Ah, Anessa. Go ahead.

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