Time Warp 5

“Whoo,” Denny said, “It is sooo hot in here.”
“I agree,” I said, “Wonder why they don’t have the AC on?”
Demi gave me the look. “AC?”
“Air conditioning,” I answered, lamely.
They all laughed. Then Demi asked, “Gary, would get me some more punch?”
“Of course….Punkin.”
Denny said, “I’ll go with you.

As we made our way through the crowded gym, with Denny telling me about how it felt to dance close with Marilyn, I began to notice something very eerie. There were no people facing us. I could not see one persons face in the entire crowd. As we neared the refreshment table, I got a quick glimpse beyond the table down the darkened hallway. There, just for a brief second, I saw someone wearing a black trenchcoat dart up the stairway.

I grabbed Denny’s arm, pulling him close. I had to yell for him to hear me. “Get the punch, I’ll be back.”
Denny nodded.

I circled the refreshment table and ran. I took the four steps two at a time, then turned right and raced up the darkened stairs feeling my way.

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