Story Time

“But Mommy?” Asked Josh, six years old at the time, “Why couldn’t she go? Just because she wasn’t a little girl anymore?”
Willow smiled at her two children. “Well, dear,” she explained, “faeries are much the same as humans. When we’re little, we do not question the magical. It’s easy for little kids like you,” she tapped Josh’s nose, capturing his interest and provoking a smile, “to believe in faeries. Faeries outgrow believing that humans are creatures that they could ever meet.”
“But the princess still believed!” said five-year-old Sarah. “why couldn’t she go?”
“Because no one would allow her to. Faeries have rules, and however silly they may seem, they abide by them. But, the princess never stopped believing, and that’s why she sent her daughter over.”
Josh nuzzled up to his mother, a loving smile plastered on his face. “I’ll never stop believing in faeries! Never,” he yawned, “never ever.”
“Me either!” Sarah exclaimed.
“As it should be,” Willow smiled.

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