As Fawn gently ran her hands over the fruit in the grocery store baskets, she could sense she was being watched. She saw his eyes following her hands peeking out from under her long sleeves. It was hot out, but exposing any significant amount of flesh was considered immodest. She felt extremely nervous. Although this was her third sojourn to the grocery store it still felt like the first. She would have to get used to this, as a wife it was required to get things from outside Home. She was 17 years old and had been engaged for 2 and a half months to a man 24 years her senior. Just two more weeks until the ceremony. It was strange to see this boy who worked at the grocery store looking at her. She stifled her desire to gaze into his blue eyes. She wasn’t to look at anyone, not like that. Not with any kind of longing. She was allowed to long for the man that would be her husband, but she didn’t. He was an honored man at Home, but it did not matter. How could she long for someone she had not chosen to long for?

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