The Mall, Part 2

It was Billy who confirmed this in the form of a, “Kinda…” Much like his frequently-fought friend he had a little nervous tick of his own, this one in the form of scratching at his short black hair. He just knew they were about to get lectured over this. Again.

“You two used to be the best of buddies. It really gets me down seeing you two at each other’s throats.” Jay was of course about to continue, as he was just tuning up the choir at this point, but to Billy’s relief Nathan cut in quickly.

“We know, it’s just… You know how I’ve got that whole thing going on with my parents, and Billy’s having problems at school and all.”

“Well, you two really should be supporting each other instead of going at it.” The brunette sighed then, before continuing to speak. “I just really don’t want it to ruin our friendship, okay? None of us wants that to happen.”

“You’re right…” Nathan was frowning regretfully, though he forced a smile just before he spoke again. “I’m… sorry about that.”

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