The Cat Is Caught (residing dreams)

As soon as I was outside the house my fear took over and I made a mad dash for the bushes. Breathing hard, I rolled onto the ground and picked my head up, staring at the door of the mansion. Nothing. The night was cold and a light breeze ruffled my nightgown. I shuddered as leaves brushed against my bare ankles.

Suddenly the door creaked and I froze. I squinted in the darkness and tried to make out who was opening the door, but the shape was too muddled. I couldn’t help my curiosity. I began to stand up.

A hand clamped over my mouth from behind. I gasped and made to scream but found that the sound was muffled in the leather glove on my lips. I gagged—it tasted awful.

“Don’t move. You must be careful around these people. They want to hurt you.”

I tried to twist around to see who held me, but he held me firmly. So I held absolutely still.

“There… that’s a good little girl.” I felt cold metal move away from my throat, and I jerked, for I hadn’t noticed it before that moment. A chill ran down my spine…

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