Warp 7

the balcony guard rail. Then we were both airborn to a mix of shrieking and screaming voices. The high powered rifle windmilled through the air before we both crashed to the gym floor. Steven suffered the worst as I landed atop him. The last thing I heard before everything went black was Demi screaming Stevens name.

“David! David!, are you okay?” The resonant sound of my dad’s voice seemed to pull me from a great depth. I opened my eyes to my dad kneeling beside me and my mom standing behind him. Mom said, “Oh thank God!”

My head was throbing. “What happened at the school?”
“Nothing happened at the school. You are home, you fell off the ladder. Don’t you remember?”
Then I did. “I was painting and fell.” I said. With dad’s help I managed to get to my feet. “The prom’s tonight, itsn’t it?”

“Maybe you shouldn’t go tonight,” mom said, and to my dad, “Homer, we oughta take him to Dr. James.”
“Mom, I’m fine, a little bump on the head isn’t going to slow me down.”

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