The Watchguard- part 3

This time I was going to get her to come to me. I was sure she’d come again, considering what a shitty watchman I am. I hid behind the one counter and waited for her.

And just as I expected, she came. I peeked over the counter to get a good glimse of her again. Her hair was in a short ponytail this time as she stuffed the same duffle full of food. When she was done with that she turned to the cash register, only to discover a combination lock on it. She shook the lock in anger and frustration. Then was when I came out of hiding and shone a flashlight in her face, making her grey eyes shine like silver, “Let me tell you this, ok? I know the combo to that lock and I’ll gladly tell you…but first you are going to tell me some things.”

“Never.” She hissed. Her eyes told me though that she was not leaving without money, no matter what it cost her. Something must be really bad if that’s the case.

“Plus, I’ll send you to jail. Decide.”

“Fine. I’ll talk.” I smiled; one point to Hunter against…her.

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