One Day More [A tribute to the last-minute NaNo scrambling]

One day more,
Another day another destiny
This never-ending road to Novelty…
These ones who taunt with the time
Will surely come a second time,

One day more;
I did not start until today,
How can I live while I am scrambling?

One day more,
Tomorrow sure seems worlds away
And yet, right now, I just have started.

One more day all on my own
(Will I ever sleep again?)
One more day with him not sequ’ling
(Will I die writing with you?)
I waited for the coming part,
(And I swear, it won’t be true)
But I never saw it there…

One more day before the storm
(Do I follow where they go?)
At the threshold to the ending!
(Shall I join the writers there?)
As the page begins to form,
(Do I stay and do I dare?)
Will you take your pen with me?
(The hour is now, the day is near!)

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