Hints for beginning writers.

“Write What You Know” That is the most common advice given to aspiring writers. While this is true, it is not the rest of the story. Each one of you know enough to write Hamlet, because, ‘what you know’ are “Feelings”. Feelings carries every story that has ever been written.
LOVE : Each of you has fallen in love. This doesn’t have to be with a person, it can be with a pet.
HATE : Someone, or something. Hating to go to uncle Harrys.
FEAR : Each of you fear something, the dark, or the dentist.
DESIRE : Something you want more than anything. Be it an X-Box or a guy/girl.

Now, when you write your story, install these feeling into your characters. Only make these feeling bigger than life. Turn your fear to terror. Your love into a self destructive love. Your desire into something that you would kill for.

These are the things ‘you know’.

Good luck.


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