Warp 8

A hot, then cold shower revived me somewhat. In my room I opened my closet half expecting to see that white flannel suit. But there, alongside my blue suit, was the tux I had rented. As I dressed, I scooped up my cell phone and called Denny.
“Whoa, bro,” he answered. “Gary, my man. You ready for the big doings?”
“That I am. I got a great story to tell you,” I said.
“Man, could it wait until tonight? I got something to pick up that will blow you socks off. Oh, and leave the Vette in the garage, we’re going in style.”
“Oh, crap. I told you I can’t afford a limo.”
“No limo, buddy. And it ain’t gonna cost you a dime. Gotta go, see you in awhile.” he hung up.

I continued getting ready for the dance, all the while my mom hovered around me like a hawk over a rabbit. I had to comb my hair three times because mom messed it up feeling for the knot on my head.

Finally I heard Dennys famous honking cadence. I kissed mom, waved at dad and was out the door. I froze. Denny was waving to me from a ‘51 Mercury.

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