Library Scene, pt 1

“I’m not any more thrilled about this than you are,” Patrick said bluntly.
“Well, that makes me feel REALLY welcome,” Sarah answered, feeling slightly hurt. “I was thinking we could use this as a chance to get to know each other.”
“What’s there to get to know? What you see is what you get.”
“Y’know, I’ve heard things about you…”
“And the thing I keep hearing over and over is that you’re a loner, and that you have no friends. When I first saw you, I didn’t seem to understand why, but now that I hear what’s coming out of your mouth, I can see why.” Sarah seemed on the verge of tears.
“Hey, I can’t control what people say about me,” he answered defensively.
“You can control how you act! That might change what people say about you!”

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