Accursed Death

“Run, Ezra! We don’t have time!”

We ran through the hallways, scaring the secretaries and janitors. I pumped my legs, trying to escape before the deadly fumes killed the cabinet. The gases in the room were invisible, but fatal. Ezra was lagging, still tired from his short, but fierce, fight with the Commissioner. I knew from experience how much fighting takes out of you.

The effects must have been made even worse by the fact that Ezra had just killed someone. Sure, it may have been one of the most hated people in the world, but a death’s a death.

I looked behind my shoulder, and saw that he was even further behind than I thought. Lily was running next to him, and he was leaning heavily on her.

“Crap…” I muttered, before running back to them. I quickly picked Ezra up, threw him over my shoulder, and sprinted forward with Lily by my side.

“Just how deadly were those gases?” Lily gasped in between breaths.

I smiled grimly and answered, “Let’s just say that entire room will be dead by now.”

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