Blessed Close Call

I gasped for air, the smoke was so thick. My restrainer had let go of my arms, & the gag fell off of my face. After the black smoke had cleared, I heard a hissing come from the smoke pellet’s shell. I couldn’t see anything coming from it, but my eyes widened in realization. I hit the floor in an instant, holding my breath as if my life depended on it.

Which it did.

I closed my eyes, hearing the slow, sickening thud of every cabinet member hit the floor.

Finally, after I heard nine thuds, I slowly army-crawled to the door. I was glad it was a push-open door. I snaked out.
I coughed & wheezed for air as I sharply slammed the door behind me. After I regained myself, I glanced down the hall. There was a great deal of unseen commotion down to my left. That way would be my best bet.

I slowly walked my hands up the wall, breathing heavily from the effort. My head was spinning just slightly.

I don’t know what possessed me, I just had to know…

I staggered down the hall towards the noise.

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