Balcony Scene, pt 2

“For now?”
“Well, I’ll see if you keep your word about changing the way you act.”
He looked up at her. Clearing his throat, he brought out a small bouquet of flowers. “I, um, brought you flowers; y’know, to help make it up to you?”
She smiled. “I’ll come down to get them.”
“No need. I’ve got a rope. Can you catch?” Before she could answer, he tossed a giant knot up to her. She caught it, and he began to climb up to her balcony.
Slightly out of breath, he reached the top, grinned, and nonchalontly said, “How ya doin’?” Sarah couldn’t help smiling. “Uh, here’s the flowers,” he continued, handing her the bunch of small forget-me-nots. After she took them, he asked, “So, about that project…”
“We can start tomorrow. I’ve already started research.”
“I’ve got the supplies for the presentation.”
“Cool. So, see you tomorrow?”

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