Closet Ambush, pt 1

Patrick tried to make out the features of the face that spoke to him in the dark. The voice had a thin face, with small, dark, sunken eyes that were constantly moving from side to side. The face was complimented by a scrawny body, slightly hunched over.
“Who are you?” Patrick asked, squinting in the dark.
“Is that really important? I’m not the important one here, you are.”
“Me?” he wondered aloud.
“Of course. You have some, how shall I say, special talents that not all of us have. You don’t have to waste them, you know. You can do some very useful things with them.”
“Like what?” Patrick asked, getting suspicious.
“Oh, I can find things for you to do. What do you say?”
Patrick was unsure. Could he trust some guy who had ambushed him into a dark closet, and now asked him to use his “gifts”? What “gifts” did he have? Was he implying his way to cause trouble and be able to get out of it? How was he to know? And what about the promise he had made to Sarah? He couldn’t bear to let her down.

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